NOTE: The Affiliate Program only pays out via PayPal

What is it?

The Oasis Fashions Affiliate Program is a way for our supporters to earn money on the referrals they make pertaining to our services. This program aims to leverage the strong word-of-mouth marketing that has been going on and also to incentivize the individuals that are doing so.

How it Works


Share your link


Referral clicks your link


Referral makes purchase


Money clears


You get paid!

Which Products qualify?

All products qualify.

How much will you get paid?

You will receive 10% of all new orders that are attributed to your referral. That’s an EXTREMELY high rate for any clothing store affiliate program.

When will you get paid?

You will be paid when payment is cleared and the customer’s refund period is expired.

How do I sign up?

Generally speaking, if you have patronized us in any way (via the website) you are automatically set up as an Affiliate. If you don’t have an account, click below to register.

Other Details:

1. Your unique referral link can be used anywhere. 

2. Your referrals have a 10-day period to make a purchase via your link for the purchase to be attributed to your account.

3. The credit is given to the last Affiliate who referred the customer.

4. You can’t use your own link to purchase a service. Violating this will result in a termination of your Affiliate account.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing where businesses reward affiliates for customers they send to the business’s site through the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.